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Workspace Skills: Self-paced Student Certification for Google Workspace

“How do we teach Google apps to our learners?” The answer is Workspace Skills, a series of interactive tutorials that help students and teachers make the most from Google Workspace for Education. Each tutorial is unique with intuitive scaffolding to support the learners as they are guided through real-world examples of tool usage. Tutorials are assigned via Google Classroom, making it easy for teachers to assign, manage, and track student progress. CloudEDU is the preferred reseller of Workspace Skills in Africa.

Mobile Guardian

Manage devices inside and outside the classroom with a complete 1:1 solution for K-12 schools. Experience a multi-OS, cloud-based solution designed for education that works on Android, Chromebook and iOS devices. View students’ screens in real time and send them messages. Lock devices for tests or limit users to a single app. Ban apps and websites that create distractions during class with secure web filtering. Empower families with linked parental controls.


If your school is using Google for Education, Trelson Assessment is the best choice for digital tests! Developed on Google’s secure, stable platform, the user experience is uncomplicated, familiar and intuitive. The application can be used in e.g. Chrome OS, IOS and Windows together with Google Workspace for Education. Tests are performed on the student’s device in locked mode without the possibility to communicate with other devices. Teachers can follow students’ progress in real time, and students can continue working even if the network connection is lost. Everything is saved in Google Drive.


Edpuzzle increases student engagement by transforming videos into active learning experiences. With Edpuzzle, you can take any video, embed your own assessment questions or comments, and track your students’ progress. Increase student autonomy, hold students accountable, and save valuable classtime for higher-level learning tasks. Edpuzzle is the perfect tool to help you flip your classroom, or to add engaging video resources that support learning in a meaningful and measurable way.

Soundtrap for Education

Soundtrap for Education is a cloud-based recording studio designed for students and teachers to collaboratively create and edit audio in a safe learning environment using any device, at any time, from any location. Whether it’s music recording or podcasting, Soundtrap is super easy to use and intuitive for teachers and students to explore creative sound recording in all subjects, all ages, and all ability levels! CloudEDU is the preferred reseller of Soundtrap for Education in Africa.