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Chrome Education Upgrade

Chrome Education Upgrade

Accelerate learning with Chromebook and Chrome Education Upgrade

With Chrome Education Upgrade, schools get greater ability to manage their ChromeOS environment to best meet the individual needs of their school, and every student and teacher. Chrome Education Upgrade unlocks enhanced management, security controls, and support capabilities for Chromebooks and enables remote device management by IT admins.

By adding Chrome Education Upgrade to each Chromebook, IT teams are equipped with more powerful controls to supercharge deployment and onboarding, set device usage and access settings, and streamline ongoing management. They can better empower teachers and students to create effective learning environments to help each individual succeed. And with access to advanced security settings, they can ensure that school and learners remain safe, whether devices are used at school or at home.

Simplified Deployment - Chrome Education Upgrade

Simplified Deployment

Chrome Education Upgrade simplifies the deployment of a school’s Chromebooks. Chrome Education Upgrade provides IT with access to device policies and fleet oversight capabilities, both school-issued and student-owned, all from the easy-to-use, cloud-based Google Admin console.

User Serttings - Chrome Education Upgrade

User Settings

Create a custom, school-wide experience on each and every device, no matter who signs in. User settings help maintain control over who can sign in on your Chromebooks. For example, you can create a policy that only allows users within your domain to sign in.

Advanced Security - Chrome Education Upgrade

Advanced Security

Chrome Education Upgrade provides IT with advanced security controls. If a student or teacher misplaces their Chromebook, IT can easily disable the device, preventing potential unauthorized access to school data. Devices can also be set as ephemeral, removing user data at the end of a session, or set up with persistent enrollment to prevent unrestricted access even when the device is factory reset.

Powerful access controls

Powerful Access Controls

Chromebooks with Chrome Education Upgrade provide managed access to platforms and school data – putting IT in control of what users can access. Managed guest sessions and “kiosk mode” enable shared device use cases, for example to showcase student work, in a library setting, or for assessments.