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Empower your school community with Chromebooks—a versatile, intuitive, and secure education device designed for next-generation teaching and learning. With built-in Google Workspace tools, Android apps, and simple cloud management, these durable devices are affordable, versatile, and perfect for sharing.

Chromebooks are the #1 device in schools in the US, Japan, Sweden, New Zealand, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Simplified Deployment


The devices are ready to start within 8 seconds. The battery lasts for the entire school day.

User Serttings


With integrated virus protection and automated updates, the OS is always secure and up to date.

Advanced Security

Affordable & Sustainable

The devices are not only inexpensive to purchase, but easy management means a lower total cost of ownership over the years.

Powerful access controls


The devices are designed for everyday school use and can withstand frequent use. Most Chromebooks are built to military standards and feature a tough and rugged case.

Simplified Deployment


Chromebooks can be easily shared among students with a school Google account, so that not every student needs their own device. They are the perfect device for schools dipping their toes into devices for learners.

User Serttings

Easy to Manage

Chromebooks are configured centrally via the web-based Google Admin console.

What Our Clients Say

Using Chromebooks in class has changed our style of teaching, especially the more senior educators. Learners behave better in class now: busier, more on-task, and interactive.

Gawie Nieuwoudt, Deputy Head of Academics, Laerskool Eikestad Primary School