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ChromeOS Flex

Convert your fleet with ChromeOS Flex and give everyone in your school the power of a cloud-based operating system.
Manage your entire legacy fleet with the Chrome Education Upgrade—including Macs, PCs, and Linux devices converted with ChromeOS Flex.

As of 2020, the average price of a new laptop globally was $669 USD1. ChromeOS Flex saves you the cost of buying all new devices for your school by extending the life of your devices to up to 13 years. That’s approximately 2–4 times longer than the lifespan of a typical laptop. Cut your school’s e-waste and save devices from the landfill—while saving time and costs.



Centrally manage all devices—converted PCs or Macs as well as Chromebooks—all from your Google Admin console.
Configure device policies, control user access, and manage apps from anywhere. Security is integrated from the ground up with automated protections, 24/7 monitoring, 128-bit encryption, and security alerts. Background updates happen automatically, so there’s less maintenance for IT staff and more time for other technology initiatives.

Boot up devices faster, so they’re ready when class begins. Work with fewer interruptions with an intuitive user interface and updates that happen in the background. Set up individual user profiles for easy login across devices and offline capabilities. Let each user access their own preferences, settings, bookmarks, and extensions from any device.

Unify the user experience by eliminating the struggle of switching between the interfaces of new Chromebooks and existing devices. Accelerate cloud-based innovation and digital skills for staff, educators, and students. The same user interface makes it seamless for everyone to transition.