Support • Leverage • Customise

The CloudED cloud management solution provides the client with a single point of contact, and access to experienced and certified staff.

Off-site access allows us to make changes, implement customisations, add users and attend to concerns without having to schedule onsite visits. This flexible support, provided by our experienced staff, will allow us to be your trusted guide on your journey into the cloud.

Google Apps is unlike traditional legacy systems, in that it is dynamic, with a steady flow of innovative changes. As part of our ongoing service we would keep you abreast of these changes and assist you in leveraging the many advantages the cloud has to offer education. With our Cloud Management you, the client, will be able to focus on your core business, leaving the technical stuff to us.

Protecting students and detecting potential abuse, while being able to audit accounts is a key feature of the Google Apps environment. We would maintain these Objectionable Content and Content Compliance email security settings, keeping you one step ahead at all times.

We can also assist you in the procurement and integration of additional Google Apps services, which include marketing, financial, and education specific services.