Deploy • Migrate • Customise

Reduce downtime, increase productivity and lower costs. CloudEd Solutions we help you deploy Google Apps for Education seamlessly and professionally.

The initial phase would be to transfer your data from your legacy mail system to the Google Apps environment, this is referred to as Cloud Migration. A project manager will assist you in identifying potential pitfalls, while customising the environment to your needs.

Google Apps Migration Plan

Once a commitment has been made, you and the project manager will agree upon a time-line, as well as key project milestones, including a switch-on date.This plan will form the basis of the Google Apps migration phase, ensuring that the project is delivered on time and on budget.

Managing Expectations

During the migration phase you can expect a period of coexistence, where both the new system and legacy system are fully operational, but your users are not aware of any changes. This will allow your IT department and early adopters to be migrated first, and allow them to become familiar with the Google Apps environment.


Training is key to the overall success of the project. Super users will be identified and a series of fun on-site sessions will be provided to ensure that they are able to operate the core features of Google Apps, and that they will inturn share this knowledge within your institution.